AT&T Flagship Store in Boston MA


This week we had the pleasure of having a sneak peak at the new AT&T store in Boston, located at 699 Boylston St. As you know, of course location is everything. The new store is right across from the Boston Public Library, and in the prime spot for Boston Marathon viewing. I ALMOST couldn’t find it, so used to the same store fronts, and still walked to the old store. Oh wait, look down the block and you see the enormous windows ready to unveil the new store.
As you walk in, for those who remember it, there is a faint deja-vu of the former lobby area of the office building, and staircase heading down to Morton’s steakhouse. Now all you see is this gorgeous multi-level store, and a fabulous use of the space. The entrance is wheelchair accessible, leading to a spacious sales floor. Each display area has it’s own theme, and is very browse friendly with plenty of room to peruse. Of course the Kate Spade display caught my eye, wink wink. I love the design, which was classy and simple, with white and wood fixtures and panels, with lots of display screens. The color scheme is of course the signature orange, white, with a little blue thrown in. The first level also includes a dedicated home section, with plenty of headphones, speakers to test with the push of a button, and a home security section to get an in depth demo of their AT&T Digital Life system. On the second level you will find some more product, but a convenient meeting area. You have plenty of space to sit down and charge up your devices, either by cable or wirelessly by Powermat/Duracell. I planted myself there for a good half hour just to get a few things done. There are even couch areas with keyboard and monitor, where you can receive one-on-one support setting up your device.
In just the past year, we have seen many retail changes in that area. This says alot for AT&T’s progress if you ask me, and is a very smart move. I do have slightly mixed feelings about the area, due to the marathon history, but you cannot argue with the enormous surge of activity within the few blocks of the finish line. I am glad our city is booming, and most certainly retail is getting the benefit of the exposure. On the next block, Verizon Wireless opens their revamped store as well. The whole area is bursting with new life and it is an exciting place to be! Don’t be surprised if you see DJ’s spinning in the new AT&T store for an event, that is just how cool the space is.