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New apple logo
With the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, a memorable figure in our society and culture today. You are bound to find many tributes about the tech pioneer. Here is one that does catch the eye is is highly creative.

19 year old Graphic design student from Hong Kong Jonathan Mak Long Create this simple but effective tribute to the late CEO of Apple.





The image, the Apple logo with the bite changed to a profile of Jobs, to his Tumblr blog. Known as Jonathan Mak, he initially received about 80 notes on the image. Then word came this past Wednesday that Jobs had died, after a long battle with cancer. Mak reposted the homage, which this time caught fire on the Web, attracting an almost immediate response of 10,000 likes and reblogs on his Tumblr site and surging to 180,000 — in one day.


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