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Android App Review:FlightStats

So spring is here which means summer is just around the corner. Yes! Its time to start planning vacations, booking flight getting to all you planned destinations set for the year 7 and yes barbecues( Yes I wouldn’t mind catching a flight for some good ribs).

Now we all know how ridiculous air travel has become, flights get canceled or delayed on a regular basis. Your flights get routed into a different airport or you might be moved to a completely different airline because your original flight is completely overbooked. In simple terms it is pure chaos. This is where your new smartphone should comes in handy; to check your flight status, see if its on time, check out my destination airport make sure weather there is good (yes i love my sunshine).


FlightStats is one such app. It gives the user the ability to check on everything that is involved with their air travel. So once you have downloaded & installed the app onto your android phone, on the landing page of the app you have three major categories. Flights, Airports & Airlines. Each category has a sub menu function that allows you to check on flight status, Airports and Airports status as well have airlines with contact info.

***Video Review***

Flights: You can track a flight either by the airport with departure and arrival info.  By the route, using flight destination info ( Flights from BOS to LAX). Final by the flight itself, using the airline name or the flight number). You can also save future flights and track flight progress.


Airports: Allows a user get Airport general  info, delay information at the airport as well as current weather at the airport. You can also find the location of the Airport on Google Maps


Airlines: Find your favorite airline of choice, get Airline info as well as contact number.Flightstat4


  • Its a very simple App to use
  • Has multiple options to find info
  • information retrieval is pretty fast
  • Menu system is also simple and clear
  • Desktop Widget


  • App doesn’t have a notification feature( would be nice to have an icon on the notification bar to act as a reminder)
  • Not all Airline info was retrievable




FlightStats is a very solid app that does what it does well and simply too. Which is what an App needs to do on a basic level. At $4.99 price tag, it is definitely worth the price, if you travel more than once a year it definitely pays for itself. But the is also a free ad supported version for those for might be a little price shy.


  • The Apps Runs on Android version 1.5 and up.
  • The Review was Done on a T-mobile G1 with FlightStats Version 1.2.1
  • FlightStats lite is Ver. 1.1.1 ( but results are displayed on the mobile site)
  • FlightStats paid is Ver 2.1.4
    • Share trips
    • View trips Offline
    • Sync with Tripit Via Paid upgrade
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