Android App Review: Nimbuzz

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Nimbuzz is a great little app that allows to to combine all you messaging services into one platform. Think trillian on PC. What is interesting about Nimbuzz is the account set up process. Once you download the app you are first prompted to setup a Nimbuzz account. This allows you to have all you massaging services setup, so if you lose your phone, get a new Android device or even get a total new cellphone ( such as a Nokia device). You can simple re-download the app and you are good to go.

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  • Easy setup process
  • Comines a lot of Messaging applications
  • Notification bar Access


  • App closes when making phone calls

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**Notes. App version is 1.4.1


This is a very solid messaging combination app that many android user will find useful in combining all their favorite messaging services within one outlet