Android 4.0 ice cream Sandwich Walkthrough Guide & Review

Android 4.0 otherwise know as ice cream sandwich is the latest version of the Android operating system that launched with the Galaxy Nexus. The video is aimed at giving you a guided tour of the operating system, showing you changes that have been made through out the system, From the new facial recognition lock screen to the new additives to the browser and notification bar.

This video should also be helpful to Nexus S user, as you will be receiving the update the update to Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich in the coming days.

So far I like what I see with Android 4.0, it feel like a more polished user experience.  it looks like Google has understood what mistakes it made with Android 3.0 and adapted it success from Android 2.3 to combine in creating this latest O.S upgrade. The truth here is Android 4.0 is and feels like a well fleshed out and polish version of Android 3.0. Which is a good thing here. One of the major keynotes here is battery life, which all Android devices struggle with. From the looks of things here, Android 4.0 has greatly improved the situation and has brought in better battery management and longer battery hours.


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