AMD Trinity A10 APU Build with Dual graphics setup

Hi all, here is our AMD APU system build with the new AMD Trinity A10 APU and the Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 Motherboard . I would like to thank AMD, GigabyteFractal design, Kingston and Antec for helping provide parts for this build. The whole idea of this build, is to show how easy it is to build and in this case change APU’s from the A8 to the New A10 –5800k Trinity APU.  The video takes a look at the parts needed and how to fully assemble an AMD APU system. The system parts are listed below with. So sit back relax and enjoy the build

AMD A10-58000k APU
Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 Motherboard
Fractal Design Arc Midi case
Samsung Series 830  SSD 256GB
750 Western Digital HDD-
Antec HCG-620 Power Supply-
Kingston Hyperx 16GB 1866mhz RAM
Zalman CPU Fan FM-1-( Works with Socket FM2)


Dual Graphics setup on Gigabyte board

After ensuring you dedicated graphics card is installed. Power up your system and head into the BIOS settings

Go to Peripherals/GFX Configuration

Set Integrated Graphics to forced

Set UMA frame Buffer to 512MB or Above

save settings and restart your system. After system reboots and you are in Windows. Go to AMD Vision Engine Control Center, Browse to Performance?AMD Crossfire and enable Crossfire by checking the Box