AMD A8 3870K APU- CPU + GPU Combo

20120425_154311[ad#ad-1]An AMD APU is a chip that combines the best of both worlds from AMD, with a multi-core processor and a Radeon HD graphics card.  What we have here is the AMD A8 3870K APU which houses a quad-core processor and a Radeon HD 6000 series graphics chip. Talk about convenience: the updated AMD A-Series APUs combine up to four x86 CPU cores with up to 400 Radeon™ cores, delivering powerful DirectX®11-capable, discrete-level graphics and dedicated HD video processing on a single chip. AMD APUs offer AMD Dual Graphics for an up to 144 percent visual performance boost when a select APU is paired with a select AMD Radeon™ HD 6500 Series graphics card.


A8-3870K: Four CPU cores, 3.0 GHz CPU base (unlocked), 100W TDP, 400 Radeon cores, 600 MHz GPU base (unlocked), 4 MB L2 cache.

The AMD APUs are built to be overclocked to give better performances, also the APUs can be run in crossfire configuration with a dedicated 6000 series card for better graphical performance. Other APU features include AMD Steady Video, designed to stabilize videos during playback – making unsteady, jumpy content look steady and smooth as you watch. On select systems using AMD A-Series APUs, Internet Explorer 9 will include an AMD Steady Video plugin, unlocking one-click control to simplify access to the premium AMD Steady Video feature for video stabilization.

We will be using the AMD A8 3870K APU in our AMD PC build. We are going to set up a crossfire configuration, overclock the APU and see how well it runs. So far spec wise I like what I see. Enjoy and stay tuned.