Amazon 7-inch Kindle Fire HD Review- Booredatwork

The New Kindle Fire HD is the successor to last years popular Kindle Fire. So what’s new and what has Amazon brought to the table with this device The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD features a stunning HD display with 1280×800 resolution that delivers deep, detailed contrast and rich, natural color. Kindle Fire HD also uses Gorilla Glass to provide superior strength and reliability. Kindle Fire HD starts with excellent resolution, but that is only the beginning—Amazon also added custom features that reduce glare and improve color saturation at any viewing angle. If have also got exclusive HD audio with two stereo speakers and Dolby Digital Plus, 16GB or 32 GB ($199 & $250 respectively) of storage, all powered by a dual core processor

The Design of the Kindle Fire HD is slightly changed from its predecessor, with a thinner profile and matted finish at the back. The sides of the device are downturned from front to back, on the right you have your headphone jack, volume rocker, and power / sleep button . Along the bottom you’ll find a Micro USB and Micro HDMI jack (you can mirror content to a big screen). The Fire has a soft-touch black backing, with a thin plastic strip spanning the length of it that houses a set of stereo speakers.

In terms of performance the Kindle fire HD handles very well with its dual-core processor and 1GB of ram which goes a long way. Applications open up faster and games run smoother. There is still some lag and I do wish amazon went  with a quad- core processor here- but it does handle well and the Amazon ecosystem is ever so present on the device, with out any trace of Android anywhere. One interesting  addition are the ads in the lock screen, which I do actually like, gives you something different to look and try out every time.

I do like the Kindle fire HD, it’s a very simple and clear approach to table performance from a company that is very service oriented. It may not be the tablet for the super tech, but its functional effective and a great entry tablet for the consumer who want to well- consumer entertainment of his/her tablet.


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