All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note7


On August 2nd Samsung announced the New Galaxy Note7 a device that takes the Galaxy Note line to new depth and features. Samsung say the Galaxy Note7 combines productivity, entertainment with strong security features. Powering a robust ecosystem, it is the ideal device for those who want to achieve more in life.

There a number of new features that really stand out with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 and one fo them is the mighty S-pen. The enhanced Galaxy Note7 S Pen is more than just a writing tool – it is the gateway to getting more done efficiently and accurately. Users can bring ideas to life the moment inspiration strikes, without unlocking the screen, by using Screen off Memo and simply pinning the memo to the Always On Display. The S Pen also gives users the ability to easily create and share GIF animations with Smart Select. In addition, the new Air Command functions, including Magnify and Translate, enable users to zoom in on the screen or convert languages with a simple hover of the S Pen. It is even easier to access the best of the S Pen’s creative abilities with Samsung Notes, the unified app allowing users to jot down handwritten notes, draw, or edit memos from one location.

You have also got an Iris scanner; yes we have moved into the territory of spy movies here, with highly advanced biometric authentication, including fingerprint scanner and iris scanning technology, new to the Note series. The Galaxy Note7 offers more authentication options that can be used interchangeably depending on how people use their phone

 Therr’s much more to see with the Galaxy Note 7, so why d on’t you take a look at our video series below.


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