AIO Wireless Nokia Lumia 520 Review

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES The Nokia Lumia 520 onn AIO wireless, represents the perfect middle ground for aspiring smart phone buyers looking to purchase a device for a relatively cheap price tag. Coming in at $70.00 off contract, the 520 is packing with specs that blow other smartphones in the same price range away. 4 inch display (800×480), 5 megapixel camera, 512mb of ram, and micro SD card slot for expandable storage make it extremely compelling. Accumulate all those specs wrapped in a nice Nokia build package and you honestly can’t go wrong.

Coming in various colors such as white and cyan, the 520 also provides a sense of appeal and style to go along with mid-tier specs. Packed inside is a Snapdragon dual-core processor that chugs easily through Windows Phone 8. Speed was never an issue while using the device, and the battery life was held up to the same standard. Consistent usage of the device provided a day to a day and half of battery life. Again, for $70, you can’t beat it. Standby time hovered in the 3-4 day range.
Call quality was just as good. Callers could hear me well, and voice had a sense of clarity from my end. Getting a signal and keeping also bolded well on the device.
The Nokia Lumia 520 is one of those must buy devices. If you fall into the aforementioned category of an aspiring smartphone buyer and don’t know what device to get, the Nokia Lumia 520 is that device.