Acer XG270HU WQHD Gaming Monitor Review


I have been really impressed with Acer monitors of late. We previously reviewed that awesome 4K monitor, the Acer S277HK. Today we take a look at their gaming monitor, the ACER XG 270HU, which is a widescreen 27 inch gaming monitor; with a high resolution of this monitor (WQHD, 2560 x 1440 pixels) combines with a rapid refresh rate of 144Hz and a blazing fast response time of 1ms to deliver ultra-smooth action sequences in great detail. Off the bat this is a TN display monitor, but the good thing his you would know unless i mentioned it to you. The screen is viabrant sharp and crisp, with Flicker-less technology reduces strain-causing screen flickering, while the blue-light filter lets you filter out harmful blue light. Acer ComfyView™ technology cuts screen glare to further reduce eye strain. DisplayPort port supports DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync. That means this monitor can work with a FreeSync-supporting graphics card and driver software1 to eliminate screen tearing, while minimizing lag and latency. With FreeSync, the monitor’s frames are synced with the graphics card’s frames.

Games play well on this monitor, you have to see it for yourself and priced at $499. You really can’t complain. Check out the full video review below to see how the Acer XG270HU monitor handles.