A streaming service worth cutting the cord for $20!

What is Set TV®

Set TV® is a streaming service for available for your computer, phone and television.


What you get

With Set TV® streaming service you get 500+ live television channels that include HD, premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, parental-control adult channels, On-Demand, pay-per-view, sports channels ESPN and MLB package and more.


What is it going to cost

$20 /month includes 3 devices per household with an option to add a 4th for $5 more per month.



It’s obvious so far, right? For a $20 bill you get 500+ channels plus Pay-per-view, parental-control adult channels, sports channels, On-Demand, and premium cable channels. It’s also worth noting Set TV® streaming service offers a free 3-day trial with no credit card required. The channels have high picture quality and clarity. The HD channels are in HD. The digital cable channels do not require a cable box as it would with a cable provider. This is another saving bonus for your wallet. To watch on the television you will need to purchase an Android box.




  1. The channels scrolling. Whether using your television remote or the virtual PC remote that’s built into the Set TV® software. There is some slight buffering in between the channels while channel surfing. At times you will get a message that says “NO VIDEO INPUT”. A simple click “ok” on your TV or PC virtual remote will resolve the issue, and change to the channel selected.


  1. The 3-day free trial code may take several days to receive via email. Mine took 3 days.

Final thoughts. So, is it worth it to the cord?

Snip snip. Cut it! I believe the two cons I personally experienced are small wrinkles that can be ironed out. Overall, for being a new streaming service, Set TV® has it almost completely right. That said, you cannot beat the combination of picture quality, channel package and price.

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