a-JAYS Four in-ear Headphone Review- Balanced Headphones

IMAG0256[ad#ad-1]JAYS is s company which we here at Booredatwork associate with solid sound quality. This we have seen with their  on-the ear headphones, the  V-JAYS and the C-JAYS. The a-JAYS are a set of Iin-ear headphones specifically geared towards iDevices, though it still works with any device It’s  got a digital, active surface-mounted MEMS silicon microphone that removes GSM/TDMA burst noise and provides wide-band RF noise suppression. . The MEMS microphone also works in 360 degrees meaning it will effectively pick up your speech in any position. The remote and mic of the a-JAYS Four are only supported by iPod nano (4th generation and later), iPod classic 120 GB, 160 GB (2009), iPod touch (2nd generation and later), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2. The remote is supported by iPod shuffle (3rd generation and later). Audio is supported by all iPod models. Compatibility requires the latest iPod software. a-JAYS are also compatible with Macbook, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro (2009). The remote and mic are also compatible with most applications such as VOIP, Skype, iChat and other recording applications such as voice memo. a-JAYS Four comes with up to 5 pairs of silicone sleeves ranging in size from XXS to L. This choice means all a-JAYS users can achieve a natural, comfortable fit, and maximum external sound insulation. The packaging box also acts as a storage container for your extra ear buds.

How do they Sound????

Key word here is balanced. After breaking the ear phones in; everything sound very crisp and clean with a well-rounded feel to the tunes. What I liked most it that it worked evenly with almost every genre I listened to, giving you a very balanced listing experience. With deep bass, solid mids and crisps highs. Overall worth the price, you really can’t go wrong with these headphones.

Technical Specification


8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker

96dB @ 1kHz

16 Ohm @ 1kHz

Frequency Response
20 Hz – 21 000 Hz


Rubber Coated / Metal finish

JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves

(L)18.3 x (W)11.8 x (H)13.8 mm

14 grams (0.49 oz)


TPE coated flat tangle free cable

Width 5mm / Thickness 1.2mm

115 cm (45 in)

L-shaped Silver-Plated 3.5 mm Stereo Plug



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