Review: Techlink RECharge’s Portable Battery Pack


This is by far my favorite external battery pack. And before we get into the review, I would like to say this portable battery pack is strictly for apple users.

I own other battery packs that has way more power and has USB ports to charge many other things than apple products. But my main device I always use and need is my iPhone. Therefore this is perfect. If I know I’m bringing other devices that requires other types for charging then I wouldn’t bother to bring this with me.


I’ve been wanting a battery pack that has cables attached to it and this one is not only what I was looking for but it is very sleek and beautiful. It’s design matches perfectly with the current iPhones. The quality is aluminum and a matte rubber finish (which I love). It feels great in the hands and it’s about the same size as an iPhone 6 Plus. It charges 1 and a half times on your iPhone 6 plus (which is the phone I have) and it’s more than enough for me. I’m not always on my phone so I don’t need that much charging. If you have a regular iPhone or other apple products with a lighting connector then this battery pack will give you a lot of juice.


The package comes with very simple stuff, a leather carrying case and a micro USB cable to charge the battery pack. The carrying case also has a little pocket inside for the USB cable.


At first I noticed the carrying case is way too big and roomy just for the battery but then I realized and later tried it out that the case is meant to be for the battery AND the iPhone (with the case off). Once those two are in the case, they are snug and still feels comfortable in your pocket (I have pretty roomy pockets) or toss them in your bag without being scared of scratching your device. Or even thinking about if they are flailing around in your bag.


Most likely I wont be using the carrying case because I always have a case on my iPhone. I’ve tried it with my case and it would not fit. If you have those bare minimum shell cases that mainly covers the back of the iPhone then it could fit.


This device is very simple, plug it in and it charges. No external buttons. So how can we tell how much juice is in this thing? Well…the only way is to plug it in and the 4 dots will light up depending on how much battery is left. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the person but I don’t really mind.


The back of the battery pack has a matte rubber finish, so if I put it against my phone, it’s harder to slip around while I’m using it. I love how thin it is and still be able to hold both devices. It does not feel awkward like some of the other battery packs and the cable does not get in the way.


If you don’t have a iPhone 6 Plus then it might be a bit awkward because of the difference in the sizing. They do offer a size just for the regular iPhone 6.


Overall this is a great battery pack for the apple users. It looks awesome and it’s much more convenient than carrying an extra cable like other regular battery packs. Even better if you are case-less because you can use it’s carrying case. If you’re looking for something simple then this is perfect. This will always be in my bag when I need it.

The only thing that could be a downside for you is a button to let you know how much power is in the battery pack.