5th Anniversary of Booredatwork.com

5th Anniversary[ad#ad-1] It hard to believe its 5 year already running Booredatwork. What started off as a hope and a distraction at work has turned into something big than me. No small thanks to all the devoted fans and viewers, everyone who  has liked us on Facebook, followed us on twitter and Watch our never ending videos on YouTube. Its hard to put in words the gratitude I feel towards everyone in helping the site grow. So I would like to give special thanks to site co-founder Kiss09; fellow YouTubers  Bwone, BooredFemme, AndroidAtNight, ParasValecha, NbucketTV and all the dedicated posted, commenters and twitter followers. Thank you very much!.

To show our gratitude we have been blessed to be able to do 5 days of giveaways from some very cool companies who have joined in celebrating our 5th anniversary.

5th Anniversary Giveaways

Monday- Nokia Giveaway on Facebook

Tuesday: Kingston Giveaway on Website (Booredatwork)

Wednesday: MadCatz Giveaway on YouTube

Thursday: Roxio giveaway on Twitter

Friday: Plantronics Giveaway on YouTube

On Saturday we will have a  Special Giveaway

Winners will be announced daily and the contest will go by daily at 12 noon. Again Thank you so much and enjoy the giveaways

Special Thanks to



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