And here it is – the mountain top – the Best film of the year.
Ok, they have expanded the film this year to 10. ten. One-Zero. This is like every march when the NCAA toys with expanding the NCAA Basketball pool. It isn’t that there are more quality contenders – it just means there are more contenders. So – Lets trim the feild and subtract the bottom 7:
Up: Good film, But an animation will not win best picture
Up in the Air: Solid film, but not a serious contender
District 9: Too Sci-fi action-y for the Academy.
The Blind Side: Too feel good, not enough meat in this drama.
An Education: Its a fine story that falls a bit too short of Oscar’s standards.
A Serious Man: A nod for the Coen Bros. previous work; but not as fine as their previous work
Precious: a film with buzz, but that buzz is a mosquito, not a wasp (ie – no sting here)
Hows that for trimming the fat off the kobe steak of the Academy? Now, we have beef that quality, not quantity. Now – best picture has to be the BEST all around film. It has to have strong acting, writing, directing and editing. Based off the nominations, that rules 1 of these films out right away (avatar has no acting nominations). That leaves 2 films, 2 films that face each other in almost every category that they are nominated for. One has won 3 major awards leading into the Oscars (2 for the best actor) while the other has won 18 major awards (not including the independent film festivals it has been accepted to) for Best picture, best director, Best actor, best editing and best cinematography. The second film the AP and Time magazine rank it in the top 10 films made in 2009; The AP also lists it as one of the top 10 films in the last 10 years.
Ladies and Gentleman – picked the latter of these two the first time I saw it to win (The Hurt Locker) and the former I said was not great enough to win (Inglourious Basterds). I just wanted to give you the evidence to support what I have said all along – “The Hurt Locker” Is the best picture of the year.
MY PICK: The Hurt Locker