2015 Gadgets That We Are All Looking Forward To

2015 is already well underway and in the world of tech there’s a ton of great gadgets that we’re already looking forward to getting our hands on.
With that in mind, we’ve sat down and comprised a list of some amazing gadgets that are coming out this year that should definitely be at the top of your Christmas list by the end of the year.

1: Logbar Ring
Starting off we have the Logbar Ring. This snazzy piece of wearable tech lets you control your various devices around you house with the flick of your finger or wave of your hand. You can feel like a sorcerer as you change channels on your TV, activate an app on your phone or turn off any lights you have left on in your house.

5“Watch out Gandalf, there’s a new wizard in town.”- Said the owner of Which-Gadget.

2: Livescribe Echo Smart-pen
If you’re someone that takes lots of notes then you’re going to love this great gadget. The Livescribe pen allows you to record audio whilst you’re taking notes and then play them back later on. With up to 800 hours’ worth of storage available this is ideal for anyone that spends a lot of their time writing.

4“This has become a permanent fixture in my pocket.”- Said Lead Reviewer at Tech Deals Now.

3: iFusion
One of the most difficult things, any start-up business will encounter is getting a dedicated phone line, especially if you conduct a lot of phone calls with clients using your mobile. That’s why the iFusion, with its ability to combine your mobile phone into a physical handset, makes handling calls look more professional.

3“I look like a professional now thanks to this awesome gadget; I plan on buying more for our office.” -Said the owner of Office Tech Reviews.

4: Air2 Floating Bluetooth Speaker
If you’re a fan of anything sci-fi then you’re going to love this. Using a set of magnets this floating Bluetooth speaker defies gravity as it blasts out your tunes to impress your friends.
At £200 you’re certainly paying for quality as this chrome speaker allows you to play music or stream hands free calls to it. Plus, it has a 3W output and doesn’t drain tons of power so it’s perfect for extended use.

2-“It’s the speaker system that Captain Kirk would use.”- Said the Editor of Gadgets Monthly.

5: Quitbit Lighter
Make quitting smoking easier with the Quitbit Lighter, this digital £100 lighter needs a weekly charge, can track your smoking habits and it can be set to periodically refuse to light.

1-“It’s a great and relatively simple tool that’s ideal for anyone that’s trying to quit smoking.” Said the editor of the CasinoJuggler based on the experience of the product.

These are just a few of the gadgets that are coming out later in the year that we’re excited about owning. If you love tech as much as we do, why not pick a few of them up?