1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones: Great at any Price!

Earbuds – the most ubiquitous part of our society today.  Look around when you’re on the street, on the subway, in the car – tons of people are using headphones for everything today.  Paired with a smartphone – you have your own personal TV station, Movie theatre, concert, and private phone call reception.  These Quad driver headphones fit perfectly within this mold – but how do they compare to the similar products on the market (or included with your smart phone)?
When you open your quad driver headphones, the first thing you notice is the look and feel of a classic book – it feels rich, smells rich, and looks rich as well.  It is laid out simply – and yet feels as though great pains and care were taken to make this look as special as it actually is.  Before you can even appreciate these earbuds, You have to appreciate the attention to detail – Packaging set up for comfort as well as display; 8 additional sets of ear tips, in 2 different makes – silicone or foam; the earbuds themselves, and a leather case.  The earbuds themselves feel heavy in the hand once you remove them from the box – not overly heavy per say, but solid from a foundational standpoint.  As with their Triple Driver model, inside the box you see diagrams showing the inner mechanics contributing to the quality of construction.

Triple Balanced Armatures
Carbon Dynamic Driver
1.25m Coated Kevlar core cable
In-line control and microphone
Impedance 32
Sensitivity 99dB
Rated Power 5mW
3.5 mm Gold plated adapter
Airline adapter
Leather travel case
9 gel and foam ear tip sizes
Shirt clip
I like a variety of music – most who know me know I can get down with almost anything out there.  With Quad driver headphones however, the rich and full tones come out at almost any volume without artificially boosting the Bass, nor does it make the treble screech at higher volumes.  Neither high nor low exhibits any kind of distortion, at all volumes with all styles of music.  The clarity of these earbuds is unbelievable – even used while riding a motorcycle, you could hear virtually every note, every word, and every beat.  The quality of the sound is virtually unmatched anywhere in the market – and for the price ($199), it is unrivaled.
Call quality
The sound going out is of the utmost quality – but what about the audio going out?  Can the same be said for the call quality?  Unequivocally – Yes.  I made a few calls to family over the course of a couple weeks, each time trying a different method (Phone, Bluetooth, Quad Driver) and the call quality was the best with the quad drivers.  Without question.  I asked each person I spoke with what their impression was with the headphones – they could not tell I was on headphones at all, whether I was indoors our out, the call quality was the same; I find that to be the mark of the ideal headset or earbuds – when the person on the other line can not only hear you, but cannot discern that you’re not just on the phone.
From moment one with the Quad Driver earbuds, I had a feeling that I was experiencing something special.  They took care in creating a unique audio experience, from the drivers to the packaging. To top it off, they are the World’s First THX® Certified Headphones.
They truly looked at every detail and paid thought to every nuance.  The attention to detail and quality shines through, and create a realistic, strong experience that you will enjoy day in and day out.  Do not settle for less, my friends – Step up to the quad drivers, you will be overly glad that you did. Stop paying for cheaper earbuds that will eventually die. The Quad Driver are well worth $199.
1More: http://amzn.to/2iWeFN0