1More MK802 Industry-Disrupting Value Bluetooth over-ear headphones


The over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones by 1MORE are sound for sore ears. These are the Bluetooth version of their MK801 model that I reviewed last year. As a commuter, headphones are an the essential accessory for daily travel. I have gone back and forth from over-the-ear headphones to earbuds several times. One must have options, right? Most times, either the sound was not good, they broke, or were just plain uncomfortable. I sat these side by side and made a friend do her own sound test. She ended with, “I think I have found my true sound mate”. These beauties were also just featured in Business Insider as the headphones “Best for your budget”, competing with more expensive models.
First, the sound quality is amazing. They provide a crisp clear sound only found in the recording studio. This is probably the result of the high quality research and testing with renowned sound producer Luca Bignardi, as with their other models. Additionally the surround sound makes you feel like you’re actually in front of the performer.  The design is very amenable to commuter travel. The durable titanium outer lay will last in all kinds of weather. The ear pads are soft leather and mold softly and comfortable to the ear. Although they are not “noise cancelling”, the shapes of the ear cups do a fabulous job of cradling your ears and blocking out noise. Combined with a Kevlar core cable that is reinforced at both points of entry make for adorable usable product.

To accompany your music experience, you can use the 1MORE app for a few functions. There is a helpful smart burn in feature for you to properly break in your headphones. The app has equalizer settings and loudness compensation. In addition to settings, you can use the app as your music controls. I don’t use this quite as often, as I tend to use my cloud playlists. You can even update the headset’s software version from your app.
Price is No Object when it comes to these headphones they retail for almost half the price of many other models, and give a much better sound quality. They are not the loudest model I’ve used, but loud doesn’t mean quality sound. These usual retail for $149 but are currently on promotion for $99. I would recommend these as a must have purchase if you are a sound junkie like me. Keep music in and noise out with MK802 headphones from 1MORE.
Bluetooth 4.1
AptX Coding
Beryllium Driver, diameter 40mm
Frequency Range: 20-20,000Hz
TR-90 synthetic titanium housing
Kevlar Core cable, in-line mic and remote
Travel case
Colors: Red, Blue