10 reason why iPad is not a Netbook Killer

  1. No webcam or Camera: Which means no quality Skyping or Video Conferencing. and can’t simply take pictures.
  2. Same OS as the iPhone 3.2: While it keeps things simple, it doesn’t seem fresh.
  3. No flash: streaming content is out of the picture aka HULU Seriously no Flash!
  4. ebook: prices are not to exciting. $14.99 might as well go to the Library
  5. Not sure if you can transfer: your your old ebook or free Google books
  6. No Multitasking,:seriously Apple. This is a no Brainer
  7. iTunes: only, you are tied down
  8. AT&T: 3G service, limits its use( should be open to all carriers)
  9. Price Point:  $499 -$849 is a high price for an off use device. I can by an iPhone or Nexus One or two solid Netbooks
  10. Not Netbook:


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