Spigen Galaxy S4 Leather Pouch Crumena View Review

Spigen Galaxy S4 Leather Pouch Crumena View-1 Back at The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event we took a look at a new case from Samsung, which featured an open view. Well as you would expect Spigen has its own version of the case as part of it Crumena line. The Galaxy S4 Case Crumena View is a genuine leather pouch designed specifically for the S4. The case protects the device from external impact and the soft inner lining prevents your device from scratching. The Crumena View includes an opening on the front cover to see notifications without removing the device. The Crumena View also features an automatic sleep/wake function when the device is inserted or removed from the pouch. The Galaxy S4 Case Crumena View protects your device while providing convenient functionality to enhance user experience.This is a great feature on the Crumena line, available in Black & White for just $29.99 from Spigen here.


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