SlimPort Hands on with Google Nexus 4

As the most simple and elegant way to connect to the big screen, we use DisplayPort technology to power our SlimPort products. With DisplayPort, you’ll experience an advanced digital link for sending audio and video to your display with high resolutions, up to 4K x 2K at 60Hz, all while consuming a fraction of your battery life. The DisplayPort standard is owned by the Video Electronics Standards Association. There are definite power perks for people choosing SlimPort. By using a standard micro-USB cable to display your content, you’ll be charging your mobile device’s battery. And even if you don’t have a power cable handy, SlimPort draws very little power from your device for overall low power consumption. SlimPort products can connect to any display type: HDMI for TVs, VGA for projectors and DisplayPort for monitors. Now, displaying content on a big screen has never been easier. You can order yours through Amazon for $29.99

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