Skullcandy – “Fine Tuned and Engineered Specifically for Women”


Style and Quality are crucial to me, so it is a pleasure introducing a few items from Skullcandy’s line of audio accessories tailored to women, and they have quite an aray in this collection. You can only deal with so many black headphones, seriously! It is refreshing to find some more color and flair, but without compromising comfort and sound. Up until this point, I had only tried a few more basic earbud models of theirs. I really was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality and comfort of the two models I’ve reviewed: the Dime earbuds and the Knockout on-ear headphones.
Dime – “A Solid Ten” are in ear design, specifically designed and sized for women. The “Off-Axis technology is what allows for a more secure fit. The actual in-ear piece and ear gels are tailored to a woman’s ear canal. The fit was perfect, and not once did I have to fiddle with them to keep them in place. The Supreme Sound technology sounded crisp and clear, with the perfect balance of bass, vocals, and highs. The color combinations are great! I reviewed the Robin’s egg blue, which has purple and gold accents, giving it simple but complementary touches. The cable is a nice flat rubber, easy to store and not tangle. The other colors available are Floral, Geo, and Coral. The included matching drawstring carrying case is perfect for what you need to keep them tucked away. These truly are a great buy for $29.99.
·         Fit for women
·         One button remote and mic
·         Fashionable colors and prints
·         Quality Supreme Sound
·         Adorable protective carrying pouch
          Universal plug
Knockout -On ear design with a headband and ear-cup shape tailored to fit women. Its noise cancellation was great and even withstood my subway commute test. it really did seem to fit more comfortably than many other models. Each color combination has its own flair. The floral design has cutout Skullcandy logos in contrasting colors, with gold accented hinges, the Robin blue design has gold and purple complements, and the quilted black has silver studs on the headband. It has Pure Clean eargels to prevent makeup and germ buildup.  I saw a few other reviews that mentioned that the material started to fray, but I haven’t come across that yet. It is foldable at the hinges, has a detachable cord, and comes with its own wristlet, satin lined matching carrying pouch for storage. These are worth the $99.99.
Pure Clean ear pads
Satin lined wristlet
3-button mic for call and music control
Fashionable color combinations
Supreme Sound
Both iOS and Universal versions

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