SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 32GB: Review


Apple devices are known for their inability to be used ubiquitously with most standard/universal ports. Apple has always bogged down their devices with a standard level of storage that is usually gobbled up by the operating itself. Within a year, 16B models for devices will become the new 4GB-8GB. Apps and photos files sizes are increasingly becoming larger and the need for more memory will be a necessity rather than an option. SanDisk seems to see the ever-growing problem with such devices today and has created a nice little niche device that does more than rectify the storage; it has taken the load off completely.

The iXpand Flash Drive for Apple devices is a storage device that allows the transferring of media to and from the device without the need for a middle man (the computer). Coming in 16GB,32GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants, the flash drive links up with you Apple device with the combination of an app and hard-line lighting cable connection. The app download works seamless with the flash drive; as soon as you plug it in your IOS device, it prompts you to download it. The app is modern and efficient with the way it instructs you to transfer content. The process can be done to and from the IOS device you are using. So watching movies illegally downloaded has become much, much easier. The lighting cord on the flash drive is flexible and works will almost all cases out there. It may seem like a light feature, but versatility and storage go hand in hand; SanDisk did not forget this.

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Data transfers are FAST. Due in part to the lighting cable fundamentally, but there has to be some software embedded in the hardware and app as transfers only take moments, not minutes. Even the larger movie files seem to prompt the device to uptick the transfer. Encrypted files are also able to be transferred to and from the flash drive. All these minor accommodations add up to an experience that leaves no stone unturned.

The app has the ability to separate the contents of your transfer with ease. Categories such as music, photos, video, and others are allocated in their rightful folder. There was not one instance in which it misplaced my media. Kudos to SanDisk for not botching the user experience with the app. Since the flash drive is run on battery power, it provides an in-app display of the battery life remaining. Again, a useful feature that sometimes get taken for granted. The flash drive also pulls up the storage of your IOS device in real-time, so you are able to gauge the amount of data being allocated in the process. Genius. Unfortunately, the fact that it has to be independently charged is a bit frustrating. I would like it to be able to run off the power of my IOS device just in case I forget to charge the small but sturdy device.

SanDisk sent us over the 32GB model, which retails from their website for $79.99. Do I think it’s worth the price, yes. If you’re a person constantly creating media content or consuming heavy amounts of media, you would be highly appreciative of what the iXpand Flash drive has to offer. It serves a singular purpose and executes on it very well. It’s one of the best travel companion devices I’ve used in quite a while.

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