Samsung UN32H5500 LEDTV Review

Samsung un32H5500-1 We usually don’t cover smaller to mid sized HDTV sets, but the Samsung UN32H5500 offers a very interesting proposition in terms of size, function and price– at only $399. The Samsung UN32H5500 is powered by a quad-core processor like its larger curved brethren, which means it packs enough processing power to handle all your Smart TV needs.

A couple of the things I like about this HDTV set are its weight and size. At 32-inch you can pick it up and place it anywhere in your home. So if you need to move it to the guest room from the kitchen; it shouldn’t be a problem. Plus the built-in WiFi ensure your smart TV is always connected. There isn’t anything bad I can say about the TV set other than the Samsung Smart TV hub needs an improvement. Still the Samsung UN32H5500 is the perfect as the extra HDTV set at home;  with a crisp 1080p LED display, Smart TV HUB, WiFi and a full array of ports. So if you are looking for for that extra HDTV set, take a look at the UN32H5500 from Samsung.


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