Samsung Galaxy Tab S Hands-on (10.5 & 8.4)


In true Samsung fashion we got to see a new line of Galaxy Tab Tablets yesterday in NYC, at Madison Square Garden. Samsung launched its new Galaxy Tab S series of tablets in both 8.4 inch and 10.5 inch variants.  Galaxy Tab S was designed with screen quality and style in mind, to bring users the most immerse viewing experience. The Tab S delivers on this with a WQXGA Super AMOLED  (2560×1600) display offering a wider color range, deeper contrast, truer blacks and our own adaptive display technology to provide an improved viewing experience in any environment. The Galaxy Tab S includes premium content and services that are part of the integrated Galaxy ecosystem, which makes sharing, watching, collaborating, and working on multiple devices more seamless than ever. With WatchON™ users can access the program guide directly from the Tab S, or use Tab S as a remote control. The service provides Video on Demand so users can find their favorite movies and TV shows with ease. The Galaxy Tab S is the first tablet compatible with Milk Music™ powered by Slacker, a free and ad-free radio service, offering an effortless and entertaining way to enjoy the music you love and discover unexpected music. Milk is designed with an elegant, easy-to-use interface and more than 200 stations that offer a fully customizable experience to your personal taste.


 Galaxy Tab 8.4


Samsung continues to partner with leading entertainment, productivity and news providers through Galaxy Gifts.  On Tab S, Galaxy Gifts includes one-year free of Gogo In-flight Wi-Fi access (up to 36 segments), a 12-month subscription to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 6-month trial subscription to The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, 3-month subscription to The New York Times, 3 months free Sirius XM Radio, and 3 months free subscription to Audible. Samsung Papergarden debuts on Tab S and includes popular magazine titles, like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Elle Décor, HGTV Magazine, Vogue, Architectural Digest, GQ, Rolling Stone and US Weekly and more optimized exclusively on Tab S for a rich, immersive reading experience. Papergarden is offering all single issues free of charge through July 31st, 2014.  Also included are National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photos and a 3-month free trial of Marvel Unlimited. The Tab S line also offers all the features today’s professionals demand, with the freedom to work wherever, whenever. Tab S is compatible with office documents, and is enabled for e-meetings with multiple devices. Remote PC allows for quick access to the office from anywhere. Quickly share content between devices with Quick Connect, which identifies the best way to share content with nearby people and devices. Quick Connect also allows screen-sharing and device control with Wi-Fi direct.  Tab S will launch with a variety of accessories including Bluetooth keyboard book covers, standalone Bluetooth keyboard, flip covers, book covers, S Action Mouse, USB LAN Hub, power saving cable and portable battery packs.



Galaxy Tab S 10.5

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  • Legit Armada

    According to what I read this thing has good specs I mean the resolution on this tablet is better than what most people’s gaming monitors have 1440p is pretty great while 4k is better I wouldn’t recommend it because of the scaling issues (my name is Robb Stark on Youtube & yeah I have been a long time subscriber too 😉 even if I don’t win thanks for the opportunity) #SaveNintendo

  • DJ Fruta

    Nice Hands-on review keep up the good work

  • Aqimuddin Amrullah

    Seems like this tablet is targeted for corporate usage or work and news reading. Probably a good replacement for a laptop.

  • santos Ventura

    Great and nice article 🙂

  • suzanne rodriguez

    I appreciate all the work you do for us.

  • Erin Johnson-pina

    Love the perks it comes with. That’s a plus!

  • Jarrod38

    This one sounds, and performs better than my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0.

  • Astro

    Looks amazing and the display is killer

  • Imharia Obiagba

    I’m an Apple girl but this looks really good! Great read!

  • Xavier Sanchez

    A beautiful super AMOLED display, an abundance of ad ons to enhance the tablets usefulness and productivity, as well as multiple subscriptions make this tablet perfect for work and play. I hope I get one.

  • Stuart Hughes

    Doesn’t look too bad.

  • TayDee

    If I was to get my 1st tablet, this would be at the top of my top 3 list

  • That screen…need it.

  • Mime Horton

    Gorgeous piece of tech. Would love this for myself or to give as a gift. c:

  • David Horn

    Great looking tablet with the best screen.

  • Alex Biggs

    Great tablet! Way better than the iPad mini!

  • blim ey

    Tons of freebies of subscriptions. NY times, bloomeberg, wall street journal, washington post, sirius. And the papergarden sounds good if you like to read magazines. And the screen resolution, love the screen resolution.

  • muhammad yajid

    From the Spec that can handle for it Display Resolution in it inch and From the Review, This tablet look Smooth and great.

  • CodeDisQus

    What a device! I wouldn’t mind replacing my aging Asus Transformer TF300TG, with this bad boy! Looks like it’s a dream to read comic books on! Great article!

  • Victor Rubio

    Looks like a good tablet but won’t find out until a good hands on

  • jimmy p.

    I’d Love to win this incredible tablet, if something i cant be more shocked about it is its marvellous amoled display.

  • Raes Aref

    Thats a sweet tablet.

  • Rohan Mehta

    great tablet , nice form factor just one question! why Exynos! and not Snapdragon 805?

  • Temmy

    Love the Samsung tab, They are really laying it down in the android word but does it have a finger or thumb scanner?

  • Jaylaigh Baws

    The Galaxy Tab S looks very amazing both look and spec wise!

  • fabio1992

    I really like the tablet, what I don’t like are those gold/bronze bezels.

  • Felipe Kaxis

    I want the tablet!

  • WuTang

    Awesome giveaway thanks man

  • Tchania Lee

    Tab S looks awesome.

  • Essaha Sowe

    Looks great I love tab s

  • Jonté Burke

    Tab S is a beast. Would love to get this.

  • Trent Mathews

    Mi Gusta, I love my S5

  • Brynnerson Boggz J. Cepe

    With a WQXGA Super AMOLED (2560×1600) display, Samsung Galaxy S Tab 10.5 is a must-have for a great movie experience in your hands whenever and wherever. A must-have!!

  • david siddall

    The AMOLED Screen…. Yes – Android….. Yes – This Giveaway….. Yes –
    BUT DO I WANT IT?……………………. YES!

  • Kritin Agarwal

    I didn’t no the tab s came with so many subscriptions and freebies and that super amoled display makes it well well worthy of the price tag and the various sharing opoptions are a plus it also comes with accessories which includes a keybokeyboard as per the article which is just amazing as it has Microsoft’s office so using it for word excel etc. Is easy .I would love to win one as the features are a masterclass. Thanks enobong! 😀

  • Stephen Okea

    I watch the weekly hangout discussion on my phone every saturday. The tab s form factor is very intriguing. I think the 10.5 inch form factor is a great for media consumption and productivity use . I had no idea that the tab S 10.5 has the fingerprint scanner from the galaxy phone line . That makes it a complete package in my opinion.The vibrant and adaptive super amoled 2560 by 1600 display makes it the best tablet to use in any environment at that size. I have used multi window on a galaxy phone and I can only imagine how seamless and productive mult window is on a 10.5 inch screen.Great job guys on the site and keep up the weekly guys , watching it live has become my saturday morning ritual.

  • Felipe Baccho

    i would love to have it :3

  • Komz

    Sounds funnier with premium contents , free awesome services inside
    Id like to have one

  • Orlando O

    It looks awesome ,definitely need to get this beauty

  • Sandro Belgiorno

    It would be perfect for my needs 😀

  • D0hl

    Awesome Hands-on – ceep up the good work!
    I really like the Super Amoled Display – especially on my S5 <3

  • Ali Raza

    it is very slim and will have great look.display is actually amazing ,will have best performance.GOD may be blessed upon me.hoping the best,waiting for the best…..

  • Omar ElAdawy

    I like the display very much and awesome hands-on 😀 keep up the good work 😀 i never won any giveaway in my entire life so please let me win this won 😀 And , Please click on the link and support us we want to restart Captain Claw , and we want developers and a lot of other people to work with us so please click on the link and read the story.

  • ImUrAssassin

    It would be very nice to win, and if I won I would do my own review as well.

  • joats a

    Very good article,the samsung galazy s tab will definitely give the windows surface tablet some competition

  • only1kolby

    Great article and video for an amazing device.

  • Aaditya Singh

    I (mychannel473) want to enter in your giveaway and I read your article that the Samsung Galaxy S Tab has a 2560×1600 display and samsung gives a trial subscription to various apps like Marvel Unlimited (i havn’t heard about other apps) and it has a fingerprint sensor and Quick Connect. And you showed how Snap Sync works.

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