OM Audio inearpeace Headphone Review

OM Audio inearpeace (3) As I was wandering through Showstoppers with Ose, we heard through an associate about this table that had awesome speakers and audio – so we just needed to check them out.  We wandered up in our casual way, and introduced ourselves to Devon, the cofounder of OM Audio.  Before saying anything else, the passion he shows for quality of sound, the effort to balance sound, as well as the quality of materials sold me that I just had to try his products.  He gave Ose and I his last pair of InEarPeace to sample (and after a furious rock-paper-scissors battle, I won the right to review them.

 Never have I been so glad to win at rock-paper-scissors.

What I got from my winnings are my new primary ear buds.  Escaping from the traditional ear buds that focus either on mids or lows, their dual driver captures and balances the best of the lows, and the mid/highs to give you the purest balance of sound that I have ever had.  Combined with the clarity in call quality (in which the people I spoke to could not tell I was on a set of headphones) makes these my go to choice of ear buds.  But don’t just take my word for it; the list of musical artists that use InEarPeace on a daily basis is a growing one, and includes the likes of “Captain” Kirk Douglas of The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Moe., Widespread Panic and Nicki Bluhm – among many others.

It isn’t just the endorsements that sold me; or the style (which they have) or even the passion of the founder for quality – it was the end result of the product.  The passion for the best musical performance possible plays out with the highest quality in both product, and in sound.  My only hope is that OM Audio can continue this quality throughout their other lines of products (Hint: The Mantras blew me away even more then the InEarPeace!) and I cannot wait until their product lines expand, so we can sample some more of OM Audio’s passion for sound.

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