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Integration with X1 Puts Convenience and Simplicity at the Fingertips of Customers


PHILADELPHIA – Dec. 12, 2017 – Comcast today announced the introduction of Phone Finder, a new feature that enables Xfinity Mobile customers to search for and locate their mobile phone in their home using the X1 voice remote.

“At one point or another, everyone has lost their mobile phone in their home,” said Amaya Capellan, Senior Director of Product Management and Customer Experience for Xfinity Mobile. “With Phone Finder we’ve made it easy to find it. There’s no set up required – you just ask Xfinity Mobile to find your phone using the X1 voice remote, and the phone rings. It’s simple and convenient – that’s what differentiates Xfinity Mobile, and we’ll continue to innovate and find ways to make our Xfinity services work better together.”

To use Phone Finder, Xfinity Mobile customers simply say, “Xfinity Mobile, find my phone,” or if you have multiple lines, “Xfinity Mobile, find Sam’s phone.” This is possible because during the purchase process every new Xfinity Mobile customer assigns a name to their phone number. The phone number is then called and pre-recorded audio message from “Xfinity Mobile” informs the user why they’re receiving a phone call. Customers can also search by saying their 10-digit phone number into the X1 voice remote.

Xfinity Mobile was designed to be intuitive, easy to use and to add value by simplifying entertainment and connectivity both in and out of the home:

  • Single sign-on for Xfinity apps like Stream TV, our Digital Home solution xFi, the My Account app or Xfinity Home.
  • Stream TV = 200 live TV channels + 40K On Demand movies and shows at home and on-the-go across devices via the Xfinity Stream app.
  • Access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots outside of the home.
  • Unique features such as “switch-and-save,” which allows customers to change from “By the Gig” to “Unlimited” data options during their billing cycle at no charge; and “mix-and-match,” the flexibility for each individual on an account to choose the data option that makes sense for them.

Xfinity Mobile offers the most popular devices on the market today. To find the Xfinity Store closest to you, go here. For more information and to purchase Xfinity Mobile online, go to To download images and assets, go to

About Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is the nation’s first wireless service combining America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network with 18 million Xfinity WiFi hotspots to deliver a great wireless experience, for less money, on the most popular devices. With Xfinity Mobile, customers can choose to pay only for the gigabytes they use, one gigabyte at a time, or select the unlimited data plan – easily switching from “By the Gig” to “Unlimited” at any time and no cost using the Xfinity Mobile app. For more information on Xfinity Mobile, go to

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