Multi-Window update on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Screenshot_2012-12-19-10-32-23 T-Mobile is now delivering the multi-view update for their Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the OTA update will bring users the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously in a windowed view. The update, which measures in at 73.29MB, also fixes a few bugs including missing calendar events and an unresponsive Gmail app. The update keeps the same Jelly Bean version as the phone’s previous software, Android 4.1.1.

Multi-window view is one of the most unique features to be added to Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, and it is designed to take advantage of the abundant screen real estate of the Note 2. However, not all apps will be compatible. Developers still need to add a few snippets of code to provide plug-and-play usability with Samsung’s fancy multi-tasking method.

  • yarrellray

    Yes Sir, My update arrived at 1:30am and i can tell you now it’s better to be on tmobile with this multi Window feature than to be on Verizon with it’s version of the Galaxy Note 2 multi Window feature. This is a wonderful device industry leading no question.

  • yarrellray

    Even Pandroid knows Verizon got the gimp version of the multi window feature…

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