Mark Walhberg to star in The Six Billion Dollar Man Movie


Mark Walhberg will be playing the Six Billion Dollar man. Yes if you are my age or older you will remember this TV show Six Million Dollar man, which the movie will be based off. Deadline is reporting that Peter Berg will direct his Lone Survivor star Mark Wahlberg once again in The Six Billion Dollar Man, a film version of the 1970s TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man,” for The Weinstein Co.’s Dimension Films label. Ain’t inflation a bitch?

Wahlberg will star as former astronaut Steve Austin, who is badly damaged in an experimental plane crash but is saved by doctors who fit him with bionic replacements for both legs, his right arm and left eye. With his new bionic abilities he becomes a powerful government agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.


The original “Six Million Dollar Man” was based on the book “Cyborg” by Martin Caidin, and starred Lee Majors as Austin, running for five seasons on ABC from 1974-1978 and spawning merchandise as well as the spin-off show “The Bionic Woman.” No word yet on whether Wahlberg’s Steve Austin will battle Bigfoot, as Majors did.


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