LG 55LM7600 3D Viewing Party- Hunt for a Remarkable 3D Experience

the hunt Watching 3D content can be an experience unto itself, things flying all over the place, are you viewing the content right and are you getting a good idea of what 3D is all about. So we at Booredatwork.com decided to host a 3D viewing party, and invite a bunch of or super cool friends to comes eat drink and enjoy a Remarkable 3D experience with the LG 55LM7600 Cinema 3D 240Hz LED HDTV. The whole idea for the party was to showcase 3D at home to a bunch of friends get their input and see what the thought about the whole experience, while share food and drinks in merriment. So set back relax and enjoy this viewing party as my five friends with BooredFemme, SnatchHatch & NbucketTV experience 3D on the LG 55LM7600 Cinema 3D 240hz LED HDTV.

So what are we going to do in the 3D viewing party; well there is food and drinks, to keep everyone refresh. But the plan is to first find out who has watched a 3D movie in general. Then SnatchHatch will give a quick tutorial on the best practices in viewing 3D content. Then watch some 3D content; which for the viewing party was Rio and Green Lantern. Watch and see the reaction from our lovely activated audience. You will out their thoughts on 3D, 3D at home vs. Theaters, the LG 55LM7600  and more.


What is need for an Awesome 3D Viewing Party:

LG 55LM7600 Cinema 3D 240Htz LED HDTV

Awesome friends

lots of food

lots of Drinks

Large viewing area

Few 3D movies to watch


What did they think?

Final consensus was as follows; so had issues with 3D while watching but did enjoy the effects produced. They all thought  3D looked better watching at home on the LG 55LM7600 Cinema 3D LED HDTV than in theater & would consider purchasing the a LG 3D HDTV

  • reelch

    The lady I do not know her name!  She does not like 3d!  If she wins the tv she should give it to me because I like 3d.

  • booredatwork


  • booredatwork

    you can win too, stay tuned fo rth econtest details

  • reelch

    I really like your show it keeps me informed with new products that come out.  Really reminds me of the show I use to watch on cable tv leo laport ran on cnet.  Maybe cnet should give you your own show.  Their is one product you ran a while back on a device called fxi cotton candy, which is a small computer can you give me more info where to locate this object.  I thought it was really neat and can be used on any monitor, but I have not had much luck locating this device.  Thanks!

  • booredatwork

    Here is the info for the FXI Cotton Candy
    It will be release this month in Norway and then summer everywhere else

  • reelch

    Thank you very much!  I tried to find out info on this and have had trouble.  

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