Lenovo IdeaTab A21091a Android Tablet Giveaway

lenovo A2109a-1 This week’s prize has been donated by Lenovo, the Lenovo IdeaTab A2109a Android Tabelt. It very simple to win, Sign-in daily with either Facebook or email and enter two win. The more entries the higher your chances of winning

***Winner is-  Guilherme Marcelo Santos***



  • Love lenovo(current user),need the tab for my workpalce

  • francisco carreon

    want the tablet;) im currently using a lanovo pc with windows 8!!

  • It can help me doing some presentations on my office

  • stipe1906

    For reading ebooks and PDFs

  • michael joshua pabia

    I don’t have a tablet. This will be the first one if ever I get it. Will use it for many things! watching videos, writing while on the go (I’m a content writer) and so on.

  • I nee something different and larger than a cell phone.

  • Consuming media on a larger screen

  • ’cause I have old crappy noname tablet with android 2.2 and 2-hour battery

  • I would bring with me at work 😉

  • I would give it to my girlfriend, because she has to travel a lot to go to work

  • It would be the perfect gift for my mom.

  • slugbug55

    It would be perfect to bring with me on trips.

  • Helps with my web development. I can test websites on various resolutions and browsers and develop my skills.

  • This will be a great gift for my sister which is going on a long travel trip.

  • Can’t wait until Wednesday

  • For organising my day.

  • I need this to replace my lost laptop

  • use it every day

  • b.m.harsha vardhana


  • I’d need this for use at school as I am in university now.

  • b.m.harsha vardhana

    i want this

  • I want this so I can replace my laptop

  • Very Rock Lenovo IdeaTab A2109a Android Tablet

  • I will take it.

  • Just rocking….

  • My daughter could use this for school.

  • christopher buray

    watch movies, net surfing

  • Hubby could use it, for sure

  • It says above, “What do you this Product?” lol – I would love to have this product to use while away from home. Thank you for the chance.

  • I would play games

  • I would use it to entertain my disabled brother.

  • Need for Workstation!

  • I would give it to my mom

  • I study digital design and I need to do my work

  • playing games.

  • I will use this tablet to further the spreading of knowledge of expanding and activating the human consciousness. I’ll be over at Resistance2013.com

  • Surfing and reading.

  • Would love to have it!

  • congrats dude

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