Incipio Inscribe Dual Ink Stylus & Pen Review

IMAG0193 Capacitive touch stylus have become very effective and handy in use with Tablets and even smartphones. Considering how much smudge¬† we get on your touch screen devices with our fingers. It’s easy to see the need for them, here we take a look at one such stylus from Incipio that not only offers a means to traverse your touch screen device but also provides you with two functioning pens. The Inscribe DUAL Stylus Pen weighs in at approximately 0.7mm and is about 4.6 inches long. So it feels like a regular pen and¬† has a non-slip grip is provided for users to enhance their experience. Designed to mimic your finger,giving you a better grasp when writing. By twisting your Incipio Inscribe DUAL Stylus Pen you can instantly use two different ink colors. Choose between red and black ink when writing with your pen.

Priced btw $19.99 – $24 the Incipio Inscribe Dual Ink Stylus & Pen is a practical and effective accessory that fit well into the frame-work of a professional with technological needs


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