HTC/Booredatwork Holiday Giveaway


Happy Holiday guys, our friends at HTC are helping us with this awesome giveaway. We have not one but three Unlocked  HTC One M9 smartphones to giveaway. powered by the Snapdragon processor, With HTC’s awesome Boomsound, uni-body design, microSD expansion & great battery life . Think of this as an awesome holiday gift. so don’t hesitate and enter the giveaway below

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Open to all viewers all ages worldwide

Use the Portal below to enter

HTC/Booredatwork Holiday Giveaway

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Its really a nice giveaway planned from HTC and Booredatwork. Thanks 🙂
    a New year gift.

  • Ahmed Mohamed

    Its Great and Wonderful Giveaway , HTC M9 is a great device for New year. Thank You for Your HARD WORK

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Thank you Booredatwork team and HTC for this amazing giveaway. Hope to win it. Good luck to others.

  • Me

    Thx htc been dying to try out sense 7 w/ 6.0

  • louis collier

    Hope to win

  • Jahmell Rose-Green

    Hope to win too

  • Kamal El watik

    I really hope to win, this phone seems awesome.

  • Dark Moyan

    so far last 3 month I joined maybe more than 10 giveaway but no luck so but but I’m not giving up, good lucky everyone

  • Nathan Razo

    I’ve entered like 50 giveaways and so far no luck …..but I feel great about this one .I have hope

  • Hoping to win this amazing device for the first time any giveaway plz choose me.

  • Brandon Baca

    I’ve never win nothing but never lose hope. :’v

  • jaykumar shinde

    Trying my luck 🙂 All the best everyone.

  • Dishamt

    I always wanted to get this phone but it isnt available in my country
    Hope to ein!

  • Juan Alberto Gutierrez Flores

    Nice, thank you, i love this phone

  • Smitesh Suresh

    Hoping for the best

  • Anshath

    Love this phone.. So far I have entered more than 7 giveaways, but no luck..

  • Modi Mkk

    If i win one this would be awesome

  • Mr Miyagi

    Looking forward to getting one of the most underrated Android Flagship in 2015 through this Giveaway…

    I hope Nigerians are eligible tho…#FingersCrossed

  • ranoej


  • Spartan Channel

    I’m Hoping t9 win this…I reallybreally love tech and smartphones & i dont have a proper smartphone to inspect & learn…It would be really helpfull if I win this…Thank You….☺

  • Alistair Baretto

    Hope I win this…..


    trying so hard to win one M9!!!!

  • yeah boi

  • It is not underrated.
    Everything about the camera is bad, video recording (no OIS), I red somewhere, even Galaxy S3 has better camera than M9
    Snapdragon 810
    And HTC One M9 is still expensive.

    HTC should go with SD808 instead of 810 and they should pick sony sensor for the camera instead some sensor from toshiba.

  • Mr Miyagi

    I wouldn’t necessarily conclude that everything about the Camera is bad..I just think the image Post Processing Software needs to be upgraded…

    When it was just released, the Camera wasn’t really defending but the subsequent updates that came afterwards improved the Camera by a mile…And for the fact that it can shoot “RAW” file formats gives it an edge also simply because this provides an opportunity for further image post processing using lightroom or any other capable PC software…

    And for the price, I think $649 isn’t bad seeing how beautiful the phone looks and how premium it feels in hand. I agree that it isn’t all that different from the M8 but it is much prettier than the M8…

    The screen is still as beautiful to look at as it was on the M8, Boomsound is still amazing and mind blowing with Dolby Audio , Htc sense still remains the best android skin, SD card functionality, Quick Charge and Battery is quite capable at 2840 mah…

    And foR the Heating issues, I wouldn’t really talk about that because it’s depends on the user…

    Overall for $649 I think it’s worth it simply because of the Build Quality, Speakers, Display, SD card slot and HTC sense…

    it’s not the most perfect phone out there (No Phone is) , but for someone like me, it is just perfect…

    This is just my opinion about the HTC One M9…

  • Yeah, I agree with the most except camera. You are the only one that likes M9 camera so far.
    Build quality, speakers, htc sense, the screen, they are all good, and I don´t denie that.
    But the camera is tottaly average, when you see the price, you have to get better.
    Also I would never buy device with SD810, except Xperia Z5 and Lumia 950/XL. Because they have heatsink inside of the phone, wich reduce the heat.
    Also I still have to complain about the camera, HTC is known about bad camera, not bad, but not good enough to compete with other flagship phones, they still can try to keep improve the camera, but the toshiba sensor is just bad.

    Also if leaks are true, new HTC One X9 (I think that was the name) look really good, HTC reduce bezels at the front, no HTC logo too, all around looks great, I wouldn´t mind if this is going to be next flagship from Htc.

  • Aries

    Hope I win
    Good luck to all and to all a goodnight

  • Jeff Wright

    be awesome to win but I really just want the nokia from your other giveaway

  • Vineeth S

    15 hours left, Fingers Crossed

  • who is the winner???

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