Holiday Gaming PC Giveaway

Yes guys we have another PC Giveaway for you. This time its a $700 Gaming PC  teaming up with BadSeedtech, SilencedTech, & BeginnerTech for this giveaway.


Enter using the link below

 Entry Level Gaming PC Giveaway


  • Sachin Gadekar

    amazing Giveaway !!
    wish to Win!

  • Jay Keates

    Amaxing giverway and this would really help my channel so i hope to win

  • Arthur Kaliazin

    Thats nice of you guys!

  • CoolBlueSky YT

    pls i really want to win *crosses my fingers*

  • Frederick McIntyre


  • Franklin919

    can’t wait

  • Alex Dolby

    I hop I get this

  • Nikhil Soni

    Its my desire to get this…… 🙂

  • Bob backlin

    amazing i want it really badly!

  • Gabriel Cordes

    no way i can make enough money to afford this any other way

  • maurice

    I hope i win so i can have a gaming pc to play these pc games at high graphic settings

  • Vikas Oza

    hope I win..My specs is outdated and I couldn’t even play current games even in lower setting..finger crossed:)

  • Asaad Syed

    OOO This is so nice of you guys. Hope i win, My pc is really outdated and i need a new one to run my games i play or i want to play such as overwatch and battle field one! Hope i win because i really want to and good luck to all. BTW does anyone know how they choose the winners?? Good luck to all!

  • Rahul Rai

    My pc broke yesterday it wasnt a powerful pc but was still run old school games smoothly. I cant afford a new pc so i see this giveaway and take 2 entries , 1 for me and the other for to suprise my little cousin for x mas present.

  • Gretchen McDuffie

    Good luck everyone, may the best woman win! 😉

  • Den

    Will the PC be shipped from UK or USA? It’s an important information, maybe there are import duties. Thanks.

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov

    Entered. Thanks! GL!

  • abbadon

    thanks for this giveaway , even if i did not win this im sure someone else win , and youre making that someone’s day awesome , so thank you for that and have a good day 🙂

  • Johnny

    I Entered! Thanks so much and good luck everyone!

  • Alexandru Raboj

    On the 16 Dec. is my birthday.This is wonderful gift for me but I am unlucky so…. good luck everyone!!

  • Dark Hat Gaming

    Wow thats la really good Pc

  • Dark Hat Gaming

    So much entrys i dont even know do i have a chance at winning, but i still BELIVE :)))))

  • Saku

    I wish booredatwork will pick the most unfortunate me! 🤐🤐🤐

  • Robin George

    What are the chances, Entered so late….Trusting Lord

  • Ivan Milan

    I hope the force is strong with me.

  • Teo Čižić

    Who won?

  • Badelhas

    Why is the winner never announced directly on the @gleamapp widget?

  • Hiranata

    who won?

  • Franco Giardino

    And the winner is…??

  • Abderrahmane

    Who won this giveaway?

  • Badelhas

    Who won? Where is the announcement? Was it fake?

  • Abderrahmane

    Who won this giveaway?

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