Hauppauge HD PVR 2& HD PVR Rocket Giveaway

Hauppauge giveaway Hi everyone and Happy Holidays, today with the help of Hauppauge we have to awesome prizes to giveaway that should bring some holiday cheer to your gaming experience.  We are giving away a HD PVR 2 & HD PVR Rocket to two lucky winner. That’s right its very simple and easy. just enter through the contest link below. you have got a total of 10 entries for this contest. So please enter them all, it increases your chances of winning.

Contest Rules

Open to all ( international too)

Limited to one total entry a day (10 entries daily per individual) : No spamming, or you will be disqualified

Subscribe to
Youtube: Hauppaugeuk

Youtube: Booredatwork

Youtube: Booregamers

Contest runs from  1pm EST Dec 3rd to 1pm est  Dec 24th (3 weeks)

Contest Entry




  • Baneinsane

    not getting entries =x on any of’em

  • Dirk Moser

    same prob: no entries 4 twitter-follows, besides the 3rd yt-chan and at least 1 of the vids dont even exist (anymore), the tweet is too long, …

  • When you refresh the page it goes back to 0 Entries?

    I had to re-add the entries I had previously…..

    I hope it’s because I entered a day later….. if not that means I have to keep my Computer on this Website for a veeeeerry long time….or just until the 24th of this month lol!! XD

  • Nvm…. I refreshed the page again and it kept my entries, so it’s actually because I had entered a day after the contest began.

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