Fractal Design Arc XL Case Review

SnapshotThere is no fancy way to put this, except to just say it. Fractal Designs’ consistency is almost at a legendary level. I can’t stress how great it is to make a build at using a Fractal design case. Not only are we sure that we are handling a grade A product, we are certain that from design to build quality, we will be pleased at exactly what we get.

Enter the Arc XL, the most recent entry to the Arc Line of cases from Fractal Designs. FD has designed this case to work well with all your Liquid cooling needs, with configurations that could accommodate various sizes of reservoirs and radiators. And if water cooling is not your particular cup of tea, then you have ample options for case fans, 8 in all, with 3 Silent Series R2 fans included with the case.

The share size of the board makes it possible to install a wide range of boards, without feeling cluttered or having to make decisions on components based on size and fit. The available HDD trays and SSD trays make it easy to incorporate your  legacy drives ( you know the ones I’m talking about), and still have space for some new ones. Getting back to the water cooling discussion, the options for radiator sizes is very generous, and the case can  fit a 240mm Radiator at the front (will require removal of HDD cage) or top of the case, 120 or 140 mm radiators at the rear, or a 120mm radiator on the bottom.

In addition to its great internal options, the Arc XL also delivers connectivity for 2-USB 3.0, 2-USB 2.0, audio in/out and a fan controller, all at the top of the case. The Mesh netting provided with the case also proves convenient for those dusty situations. Overall, the case is a both a pleasure to look at and work with. It presents no compromises and delivers a bevy of options at a price point (149.99 USD) that would make the most hardened PC builder blush.