First there was the G-string…. Introducing the C-string

Very well hmmmmmm …….. interesting design…This new sexy female under makes the G-string look dated. The design is string less and is shaped like a C. I am sure a lot of men will be interested…..



I don’t know how comfortable these thing will be, but you can purchase it here

New Booredatwork article on C-string here

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  • chas

    don’t knif the ladies would buy them hope they will looking forward to seeing who buyes them

  • Betsy

    You could accomplish the same thing simply by skipping the panties and sticking the adhesive side of your panty liner against you. I think I will pass.

  • leslie

    it looks a thong with out the sides. the string still goes in the uncomfrotable back side area. know what i mean ladies??? how does it stay in place???

  • Japes

    what keeps it from staying on? how do you know its not going to just fall on one side of your pant leg? if it has adhesive…that’s dumb, if it clings together…that’s an unwanted weggie

  • Kim

    How in the WORLD do the stay on or at the very least keep from moving all around! I think it is hideous and will be off the market in NO time.

  • Rebecca

    OH HE** NO!

  • Frank

    Ladies use my t***** it is easier!!!

  • Kaytee

    Saw one of these “in use” at Comic Con a couple of years ago… the woman was wearing a green one and matching paint…. She had a boyfriend bodyguard trailing right behind her as she walked around the convention.
    Was it “sexy”? One fully straight guy that was “treated” to an up-close look and near-encounter said his first impression was “Eeeww… plastic!” and was mostly concerned about not letting her brush up against him– not because of the boyfriend, but because he was afraid she’d get green paint on his clothes.

  • PJ

    they use to call these Kotex

  • Allen

    Not sure about the woman here making comments, but, where I am from so many woman complain because they can’t get those areas tan and are too cheap to use a tan salon. Good concept, but, how you keep it there? Almost to the point of an “Adult” novelty item. Heck, the Walmart close to me stopped selling G-Strings, where would they expect me to find these?

  • BW


  • Guys2cents

    A friend of mine commented that it looks like an ear muff so I suggest instead of C string they call it a Muff Muff. đŸ™‚

  • Linda

    only a man would design something like this

  • Kiss0912, Thunder E

    Thanks for the post and comments guys, As for us, here it is interesting that this was even designed, but it seems from personal reponse to this, the ladies are split between hating it or getting one.

    Again thanks fro posting and enjoy the site to its fullest. Please leave comments on improvements you would like to see

  • I like all the comments, but you really need to try one. These are the next best thing to wearing nothing at all. #1 complaint of a G String – they pull up the crack – these don’t. There is no adhesive and you don’t put it were the sun don’t shine. I know alot about the CString – I invented it. I use a plastic frame I cover in fabric and then shape to a “C” shape using heat. I basically bake panties. It will take you a while to get comfortable with the fact that thay are not going to just fall off – anyway – check them out at – they are very sexy

  • Edwrd

    What about a male version?
    Might be fun (in bed)
    Or a male version with a zipper in front?

  • Edwrd

    You could keep the thing in place by adding a built-in buttplug…

  • Hello!,

  • Hi!,

  • name

    I would love to try one for males I wear g string and thong when tanning as well as other times as well I male version would be great and I would buy at least two or three of them
    Thank you

  • The style of writing is very familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

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