Early 2014 LTE Carrier Speed Test: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost Mobile

WP_20140220_01_50_08_Pro Now that every major network carrier has LTE coverage. I decided to do my un-scientifc speed test to see who had the fastest LTE network. Mind you LTE speed will differ depending on location and time. So for my test I decided to pair up the 5 carriers that currently offering LTE services  in the USA; AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Boot Mobile & Sprint. To make all things fair an balanced. I conducted the test in the Boston area at 1.30am; I figured the time would give the lowest load on all the networks.  Here are the results below in the video

Speed break down

SPRINT (5th)

Downloads: 13.30Mbps, 14.33Mbps, 14.89Mbps= Avg 14.17Mbps

Upload:          7.01Mbps, 6.79Mbps, 6.40Mbps=       Avg 6.73Mbps

Boost Mobile (4th)

Downloads: 21.96Mbps, 21.71Mbps, 20.30Mbps= Avg 20.32MBps

Uploads:       6.19Mbps, 6.14Mbps, 6.38Mbps=         Avg 6.23Mbps

Verizon Wireless (3rd)

Downloads: 34.57Mbps, 29.46Mbps, 38.13Mbps= Avg 34.05mbps

Uploads:       10.57Mbps, 12.91Mbps, 11.48Mbps= Avg 11.65Mbps

T-Mobile (2nd)

Downloads: 36.58Mbps, 35.84Mbps, 38.23Mbps= Avg 36.88Mbps

Uploads:       18.36Mbps, 18.54Mbps, 17.69Mbps=  Avg 18.196Mbps

AT&T (1st)

Downloads: 43.06Mbps, 43.05Mbps, 37.81Mbps=Avg 41.306Mbps

Uploads”      19.78Mbps, 20.03Mbps, 19.18Mbps= Avg 19.66Mbps

It quite clear that AT&T has the fastest network, with consistent high download speeds above 40Mbps range and uploads Speeds close to the 20Mbps range, while Sprint had the slowest speeds with downloads in the sub 15Mbps range and uploads sub 7Mbp. Granted this was all in the Boston area. so it will vary from location to location. But the constant here is the fact that all carriers do offer LTE service in the area. With AT&T been the clear leader here witht he fastest speeds all around, T-Mobile show a huge improvement, Verizon wireless fall off a bit with good consistent speeds. Boost Mobile was the big surprise with good LTE performance for downloads (not so much for uploads), while Sprint was the biggest disappoint even with Sprint Spark. So I here is your LTE Carrier networks in terms of speed

  1. AT&T
  2. T-Mobile
  3. VerizonWireless
  4. Boost Mobile
  5. Sprint