Booredatwork Holiday Best Picks


 The holiday season is here and you are probably out there looking for  the best holiday buys. We have compiled the best shopping picks for you these season. These are the best buys in tech comprising TV, Headphones, Gaming Headphones, Smartphones, Tablets, and more.


Over the ears: Plantronics Backbeat Pro came and stole the show for me. yes they are headphones that are better but you are paying considerably more. this wireless headset covers every aspect in terms of sound quality, function and form. Plantronics added every bit of technology the could into this product. Which makes the Plantronics Backbeat pro a must by for me

In-ears: The Audiofly AF140 are just simple impeccable in-ear headphones, yes they are a bit pricier but you are paying for quality performance and sound, ensuring you will not purchase another pair of in ear buds again. So pick up the Audiofly AF140 here

Sports: Flexible design fits comfortably and stays put for all levels of exercise, Powerful speakers and custom codec deliver heart-pumping bass and crisp high notes and only pause to let you take a call. Get the Plantronics Backbeat Fir here



Galaxy Note 4: with a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display features more pixels per inch than any other display, you more than ever before with the new, enhanced S Pen. The S Pen makes it easy to jot things down anytime with Action Memo and it’s like a mouse for your phone and packing on of the best camera’s on an Android phone. the Note 4 is the ultimate package

Lumia 635: The Lumia 635 isn’t your average smart phone. Powered by Windows Phone 8.1, a Quad core processor and supporting a microSD card of up to 128 GB of memory, it’s fast and smooth. It’s also got apps that update easily with live tiles on your screen at 4G LTE speeds. Its performance in a well priced package you can get now for just $39 dollar for the Lumia 635

Moto X:


Lenovo Yoga 2 Table Android & Windows are simple just the best set of tablet for both Window s& Android. With super long battery life at 15hrs a vibrant displace great performance and just stellar pricing at $269 for Android version & $369 for Windows. You really can’t go wrong, plus the both have larger pro versions to pick up to



2-in-one: The Surface Pro 3 is my 2-1 of choices, its form and functionality is unbridled with excellent battery life great form. its 13-inch 2K display is vibrant and crisp, giving clarity and useability. In an ultra light weight tablet, laptop and computer that can do more than just looks.  Black Friday sales puts it at $150 off from Microsoft. If you are looking for something ultra light and a performance. starting at $799 its a great deal for the Surface Pr 3 here

Laptops: Samsung Ativ book 9 Plus is a stellar example of how to build a traditional laptop and still add in a whole lot of innovative features. A crisp touchscreen display adds beauty and elegance. Plus the stellar battery life of over 11hrs makes this a true travel companion for the road warrior. Pick your Samsung ATIV book 9 Plus Here

Gaming: The Lenovo Y50 4K is and excellent blend of price and performance for a gaming laptop, with a killer 4K dispaly and all the gaming specs you need. the Y50 comes in at just under $1500 and well priced with performance to give you all the gaming you need. Pick yours Lenovo Y50 4K here


TV & Home

the LG 55UB8500 is a 4K WebOS based Tv from LG, granted ther are other TV sets I would rank here on this list but I will have to say this is is a well priced TV at $1,500 that comes packed with all you need and more and a crisp 4K display to make everything look and feel perfect. Grab the LG 55UB8500 here

Whether  you have a curved TV or not, the Samsung HW-H7500 kick sound serious sound. Enhance the look and sound of your TV with the sleek, premium design of the Curved Soundbar. Its distinctive shape is designed to blend effortlessly into your curved TV or Flat TV set. You have to pick up the Samsung HW-H7500

Portable Speakers

Fugoo: Still is a great little portable speaker, with 40 hrs of battery life, great audio and water proofing for great shower singing. I full recommend the Fugoo portable speaker

UE Boom: Is a stellar portable speaker with awesome sound and and great battery life; with waterproofing. The UE Boom is worth picking up

Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a stellar gaming headset for you PS4, PC and mobile. With awesome audio, noise cancellation, Bluetooth mobile connective and more. Making it the best top tier Gaming headset to pick up this holiday season

Hyper X Cloud is a very versatile gaming headset that is cost effective with great sound and very comfortable. Works on all gaming consoles and PC and is a great buy.

Polk Striker ZX is a great budget buy for any gamer looking for a solid headset that works with all  gaming consoles as well as your mobile device. At only $69  the Polk Striker ZX is a great buy

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