BestBuy Windows Store Tour

BestBuy Windows store-2 Microsoft is taking the right steps in shaping the future of Windows. In the past couple of months we have seen Microsoft stores open in location after location. To help expand this expansion, Microsoft has turned to a retail partner with BestBuy. By creating a Windows section within the Store. This is a great move my Microsoft; BestBuy know technology, they sell it everyday. Why not  use their locations, spacing and know how to push the re-branding of Windows to better educate your consumer base.  Walking into  BestBuy, you can clearly see the Windows section of the store. the signs the logos and labeling is quite clear and present. Making it easy for consumers to find Windows products, from the surface, to ALl-in-Ones and ultrabooks of different shapes and sizes

In June, Microsoft and Best Buy began rolling out the new Windows Stores and now we’re pleased to share that Windows Stores are now open at the Watertown,BraintreeDedham, and Danvers locations near you!                        

Local residents will now have access to the latest and greatest technology from Microsoft in a new interactive and engaging environment.

If you haven’t visited a new Windows Store yet, they are unique for a few reasons:

  • ·         Size/Scope – As you will see, the Windows Store occupies a significant footprint inside this Best Buy and is designed to showcase the range of Microsoft consumer products from Windows 8 PCs to Surface, Xbox and Windows Phones.
  • ·         Product Diversity – The Windows Store offers a range of technology at every price point – from Windows 8 convertibles to all-in-ones, laptops, desktops and more. Plus, the majority of the devices sold in-store are touch enabled, so customers get the full Windows 8 experience.
  • ·         Service – The Windows Store’s Microsoft-trained specialists are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service by offering a tailor made experience to each customer.
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