AKG Y500 Review

In the Box:
Charging Cable
Phone Cable

The quality of this headset feels good. The plastic does not feel cheap and there is also aluminum on each side of the ear cuffs. Although most of the headset is made out of plastic, it has the matte feel and it is soft to the touch. By no means, this headset feels cheap at all. The ear cushions are soft with a “Y” design on the inner side.

The design looks clean that can be worn on many occasions. The metal casing on the headphones gives a classic and sharp look. It may not stand out if you are wearing these out in public but out of all colors, the pink one would most likely catch someone’s eye. This headset can also fold down into a compact size.

There are controls on the headset which is nicely placed. On the left side, you can control the volume by moving the knob up or down. Holding either end skips to the next song or go back to the previous song. Under the volume nub, there is a play/ pause button and a 3.5mm jack to use your phone cable.

On the right side, the on/ off switch. Also, holding down the power switch enables you to connect to a Bluetooth device. This headset allows up to two devices to be connected. Which is great if you own multiple devices. There are a micro USB charging port and an ambient mode button. What this does is it lowers the music and lets you listen to your surroundings.

Another neat feature is when you take off this headset, the music will stop playing. Once you put it back on, it will resume your music. Sometimes I would find this a little too sensitive after I’ve taken them off. While they were hanging on my neck, a little adjusting with the ear cups resumes the music.

This headset claims to last up to 33 hours and that is a very long battery life for Bluetooth headphones. Although I’ve never gone through using this headset until it dies, from my use, the battery does last. The first time I used this headset, I took it out of the box and used it for 7 hours straight during my travels without any initial charge.


For comfort, I would say after a few hours of use, my ears started to hurt. I had to move the ear cups around but after the 4th hour, I had to take them off to let my ears breathe. The materials do feel great but since these are placed on my ears, they will eventually experience some discomfort.

The sound clear across the board. This headset is not very bass heavy and leans more towards the flat and even side. Vocals are clear and not overpowered by the bass. Even though these are not bass heavy, the lows still sound strong with a lot of depth. Once you put these headphones on, you can hear a bunch of background noise is cut out. During public transportation, these AKGs will block out most of the noise. For a nonactive noise canceling headphone, it does great for blocking most of the environment. From hip-hop to EDM, the sound of these headphones is clean and natural.

The price for this headset goes for $150.


Final Verdict:
These headphones sound fantastic for the price point. My favorite thing about these headphones is they are versatile. They look clean, sound clean and having long lasting battery goes a long way. They can fold down and doesn’t take too much space. Little nitpicks from me is the charging port, I wish it was USB-C and going to the next track (holding the nub up/ down for 2 seconds) feels too long for me. If you are looking for an on-ear headset, I would recommend these.


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